Email members of Congress and ask them to hold a hearing on the new report on pain.

We have a federal blueprint on pain. Now Congress must act.

This engagement is for all constituents to send an email to their legislator.

A new, congressionally mandated report has the potential to improve care for the 50 million Americans who live with daily pain. It provides a blueprint for pain management that is multidisciplinary, comprehensive, and individualized—and it strikes a common-sense balance between the need for effective pain relief and the need to address the opioid crisis. The report and its recommendations have been endorsed by patients and clinicians alike.

But unless Congress holds a hearing on the report and supports its recommendations, it could languish. The pain community must come together to write to all legislators and urge them to hold a hearing now.

Once you’ve completed this campaign, please also check if you’re eligible to participate in our phone call campaign for targeted committees.

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