Feds ask to inspect Kaiser Roseville due to high number of opioids bought

This was posted earlier today (9/30/19) on Facebook and I had to re-post it.

If you click on the hyperlink in this piece, you will see the subpoena by the Feds. It’s for records. That includes medical records? If so, two questions. Is this not just a fishing expedition by the feds? They don’t have proof so they do a blanket subpoena and get the proof and that proof includes HIPAA protected personal health information. Two, can anyone confirm that this facility is an oncology hospital in Nor Cal? Some folks on twitter are saying it is. I didn’t realize Kaiser had such specialized hospitals. I would need more than a google maps screenshot too. Regardless, this is government overreach of the highest order. I hope you plan to vote with your pain next year. Vote these tyrannical feds OUT OF OFFICE. Who to vote in, is the big question. We continue our quest to find politicians who are not INSANE on this issue.

“Hyper link: https://www.kcra.com/article/feds-ask-to-inspect-kaiser-roseville-due-to-high-number-of-opioids-bought/29257601#”

Actual Article: DEA inspection warrants are common, but Kaiser has not been inspected since they registered with the federal agency in 2008.

In 2019, Kaiser Roseville purchased nearly 1.3 million hydrocodone pills, which the affidavit said is 250,000 more than the second highest in Northern California.

The Roseville division is also the third highest purchaser of oxycodone products in Northern California, the court documents said.

The DEA asked for the warrant because dispensing patterns showed filling of high dosages of painkillers for multiple patients for extended periods of time.

Agents will inspect the hospital’s records to verify if the prescriptions are legitimate and compliant with regulations.

Kaiser Permanente released a statement Thursday night in response to the court filing.

“The Drug Enforcement Administration performed administrative inspections at several Kaiser Permanente pharmacies. We are fully cooperating with the DEA to provide the agency with the information they are seeking. At this time, we are unaware of any specific compliance issues prompting the administrative inspections, and we remain committed, as always, to complying with all state and federal regulations and ensuring the safety of our patients and members.”

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