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by Linda Cheek, MD | Aug, Tue, 2019 | Advocacy | 0 comments

Needed: Victims’ stories

A law firm has shown interest in class action for chronic pain patients who have suffered damages as a result of being denied their medications by a chain pharmacy. That would be such places as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kaiser Permanente (HMO), or mail order chains.

What they need to establish a realistic case are legitimate, verifiable stories of how legitimate patients have been denied their medications without just cause. They also need to know how this action caused damages. There are the worst cases of suicide, unintentional death, heart attacks, loss of job, but there are also damages accepted by the court that would be less drastic, such as inability to go to work, loss of quality of life, stress over being able to provide for the family, PTSD, anxiety, depression, costs of other medications for related conditions, etc.

We want to start with a presentation of 100 cases. To show how widespread this is, I would like to pick 2 from each state. Eventually all cases received would be shared, so please contribute your case, even if your damages were mild. As their interest is piqued, they will be asking for more cases and we want to have an armamentarium to just reach in and pull out.

Do not worry about sending us what happened to you. For the investigation phase, we will redact all names from the report given to the law firm. We will not share your personal information, but we will need to be able to contact you once the case is accepted. We do need your name, location, email address, and phone number for contact.

An example of other people’s horror stories can be found at Feel free to also add your story there.

This is something that all pain patient advocacy groups should advocate for. Please ask them to put this notice on their home page of their website, and post it on every facebook page, twitter account, Instagram that you have access to. Make this go viral.

Send your story to:

There will also be a place on for you to send your story through a message box.

This has the potential to be bigger than the tobacco law suits, so get on board and let’s hit a homer.

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