Too Little, Too Late: US Government Backtracks on Opioid Discontinuation

These headlines makes you think that the US Government didn’t realize that quickly stopping opioids would be a major issue for hundreds of thousands plus people who not just use but “need” pain medication to be able to even step out of bed each day.

I was t-boned by a DUI driver (4x) over 26 years ago. He left me in extreme pain, daily agony, having to live with an internal pain pump that only takes away about 45-50% of the pain and requires I get it refilled monthly. The other 50-55% of my pain was being mostly taken care of with pain medications which were just shut down by my workers compensation insurance company years ago. Ive tried everything to help with that remaining pain and have found nothing even touches it. The DUI driver also effected everyone I know in regards that they have had to deal with all of my pain, medication issues, depression and so much more.

Who do they have sitting there in Washington looking into these issues and coming up with these rules, regulations and laws? I guarantee not one of them has had to live with chronic pain.

Practical Pain Management posted on 6/21/19

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