Richard, We have done everything possible…….

It’s never ending. Went in to see Wound Therapy (WT) for a Arabella cleaning on my venus stasis ulcers on my legs two days ago. The results were, “Richard, we have done everything possible and we have the most aggressive WT treatment plans around where other hospitals come to us for help. We need to decide what’s next from here.” What their saying is, (Option 1) Go to once a month maintenance and I change it everyday. Or,

(Option 2)

– Bariatric Chamber (3-5 days) Antibiotics (3-5 days)

– Surgical Clean (1 day)

– Wound Vac with Acidic Wash Drip (3-4 days)

– Pic Line Antibiotics (10-14 days)

– (Skin Graft w/ Wound Vac (1 day)

– Bariatric Chamber (10 days).

– Total recovery is suppose to take between 10-14 weeks.

(Option 3)

– Remove it at the knee

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