BIL’s VEEG test

My brother in law Robert has lived with epilepsy his entire life. He’s always been willing to participate in studies (medication and technology). He’s even had parts of his brain removed that we causing them. Recently his neurology at UC Davis brought up a test that they have been following for a while and feel he could be a candidate. The test is a Video EEG, they monitor every area of his brain with 30-35 sensors, his breathing, blood oxygen and more. They also video his entire body and its movements as well as a close up on his face for his expressions.

Once he’s admitted someone (family, friend) has to be with him 24/7 to press a button which marks the video and that the nurses can examine him. Monday, Robert went in and was wired up and admitted into a room. Later that day they started reducing his seizure medications hoping to cause seizures so they could examine all the data. It took 1-1/2 days for him to get rid of the meds in his system and yesterday afternoon he had his first mild seizure. Then through the night he had another. Earlier today they started, 4, 5, 7 Plus.

The doctors say they were able to get all the data they needed and their looking at keeping him for another 24 hours min. to get his meds back up to normal levels. Here’s wishing the best for Robert and hope this can help with his seizures and his medications.

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