365 Caregiving Tips #155

365 Caregiving Tips

November 20 at 5:46am

Daily Caregiving Tip. Care Facilities: Admission

Tip 155. If being transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility (“SNF”) from a hospital, try to get discharged early in the day. There is a lot of activity once transferred to the SNF and it is best if it can happen well before a shift change. Admission during regular business hours also means the administrative staff will be available if needed.

(The tips posted this week are from the Care Facilities: Admission chapter of 365 Caregiving Tips: Hospitals, Care Facilities and Hospice, Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers.)

Thank you for reading and we hope these tips make your caregiving life a little easier.

Take care,

Trish, Pegi, G-j, Richard, Kathy

  1 comment for “365 Caregiving Tips #155

  1. 11/20/2017 at 10:44 am

    This is a good tip. I remember my mom getting transferred from the hospital to a SNF at the end of the business day, right at a shift change, and the process was filled with confusion and delays.


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