What do we do now?

I just found out that my Workers Compensation company that has been handling my low back injury for 24 years that their in house medical advisory team has decided that of the five medications I take that the Lyrica (Nerve Pain), Norco (Overall Pain) and the Terazosin (sweats caused by the various meds) are no longer necessary for my pain control. They have never met me, talked to me or examined me so how in the hell do they know what’s best for me when I have a doctor here locally who has been a part of my treatment for about 15-17 years now is saying that they are necessary?

What I feel like most days.

For the past several years getting approvals for my medications have taken longer, sometimes 5-7 days after they were due. Then treatments such as MRI’s, CT scans or nerve blocks were denied and now altogether denying groups of meds. What are those of us on workers compensation (valid) suppose to do when we can’t obtain the services, treatments or medications we need? Who can we reach out to when our lawyers have more or less given up because they were paid back in the beginning when we first settled and now going to court, writing letters, making calls gets them nothing. 
Any thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you,

Richard Kreis 

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