My Heritage DNA

About four week ago I sent in the swabs from the “My Heritage DNA” kit and I just received them back this morning.  Here is the story my DNA told, I am:

49.88% English (United Kingdom)

21.6% Scandinavian (Northern Europe)

14.1% Irish, Scottish and Welch (West British Isles)

5.3% Finnish (Finland and West Russia)

4.6% Greek

2.8% West Asian (Turkey and Iran)

1% Ashkenazi (Germany and France)

0.8% Liberian (Spain and Portugal)

It’s interesting due to that three of my four grandparents were all born here in the U.S.A and the fourth was born in Germany.   Can’t wait to have coffee with mom to discuss the findings.  For fast results, lots of information and to find out where your bloodline runs, try My Heritage DNA.  

Have a Great Weekend Everyone,                  Richard K.                                                                ICare Consulting

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