Robert has a new medical treatment. GO ROBERT!!!!

My brother in-law is such a trooper, he was diagnosed with Restrictive Lung Disease and Recurring Pneumonia and because of this he was put on an inCourage, RespirTech Vibration Vest.  The vest which he has to use twice a day for a half hour vibrates his chest (lungs) area to help loosen up any build up of crud in his lungs. 

Robert during a treatment

What’s it like?  If you were to pound on your chest with both fist very rapidly, that would be what he has to do daily.  Reason is he is know to come down with pneumonia on an annual basis and it more times then not puts him in the hospital for a week or more.   There is currently no “end date” to the prescription for the vest, we just hope that this will keep him healthy, happy and as always excellent.

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