POSTED 4/17/17: “Congress May Limit Opioids for Acute Pain”

Congress May Limit Opioids for Acute Pain                                                                                       Monday, 4/17/17, 101pm

Politicians are making decisions again about your healthcare. A bill has been introduced in Congress that would limit the supply of opioids to just 7 days for acute pain — with no renewals allowed.                                                      

Similar legislation has already passed in New Jersey, and guest columnist Alessio Ventura is worried what Gov. Chris Christie will do — now that Christie’s been named as chair of a national commission on opioids and addiction.

West Virginia was one of the first states in the country to crackdown on pill mills and limit opioid prescribing. Now lawmakers there are worried they may have gone too far, “causing patients seeking pain treatment to suffer from a lack of treatment options.”Columnist Roger Chriss says media reports about the opioid epidemic are often grim and sensational. What they usually don’t say is that opioid medication is the only effective pain reliever for millions of patients.
What’s it like to be a parent with chronic pain? It’s not easy, says columnist Lana Barhum, who is raising two boys while living with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Lana worries what impact her chronic pain will have on her sons.
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