United Airlines – Never Again

I will never again, once I return home from this trip, fly United Airlines again. during the first leg of my trip to visit my son before he deploys was, Sacramento to Denver. Approximately half way into the flight had the feeling of fluids gushing from my legs surgery site and being that that is one of the four “Oh Crap, Change the Wrap,” senarios or Site Warning Situations,  I made my way to the back of the plane after the stewards were close as to not have to stand to long or disrupt them doing their jobs.

After hobbeling through the tiny aisle the steward determed that it would be best to use the First Class. I was at most ten rows from the tail of the plane. I did as asked and walked toward the front and ran into a young 18-19 yr. old, first time flyer and directed him to the front also. Once he passed into, “First Class (FC)” the stewards right out of the gate began motioning him to the rear of the plane. I mentioned to them that I was just informed by the rear stewards that I was to use the front lavatory and the reason I needed the faciluty. Once he was able to use the facility and was finished the FC steward motioned that I needed to wait, after which the two stewards placed a food cart across the aisle and one knocked on the cockpit door. No joke, three minutes later a pilot came out stood there exchanging what i could only determine was joking around. He finally used the facilities, exchanged a few more jokes and then returned to the cockpit. with both stewards leaning on the food cart and staring down the aisle a few minutes passed and another pilot emerged, repeat first pilots adventures. Then finally a third someone came out, exchanged quick comments “thank you,” used the facilities and returned to the cockpit.

Once the second pilot emerged and the plane rudeness of the two stewards. I walked again to the back of the aircraft. The steward there remembered me and asked the other about how long to get to where they could get me to my goal. Once there i noticed the pilot still had not completed his business. I was able to use the facilities to pull down the black stocking covering my compression wrap to look for any possible seepage from my wound. I am happy to say there was none. I returned to my seat which is when I noticed the second and third pilot changing spots. The entire incident, from my first walk to the rear of the aircraft to finally returning to my seat took right at 14 minutes and some seconds. This may not sound like much to you, however along with the gushing feeling I also get a rise in the sites pain level, it felt more like a half hour or more to me.

United Airlines Flight #669 (Sacramento – Denver) ratings, 1 worst -10 best:

Gate/Terminal Hosts – 10
“Very helpful getting me on the plane and ensuring a cart will be meeting me in Denver to ensure i make it to my connecting flight”. Thank You.

Aircrafts Rear Stewards – 10
“Understand they were doing their jobs and he pointed me to a facility that was not in use. They hurried when I returned and asked if there was anything else I needed when I was done. The coffee was great!!” Thank you.

Aircrafts Forward Stewards – 2
“From boarding the plane on, negative attitudes. I boarded early due to my chronic back pain and the issue with my leg. When I stepped onto the aircraft both forward stewards were there looking out the door, I entered saying, “Good Afternoon” not a reply one. Then the whole issue with trying to get to the facilities to check my leg wrap. There is more unrelated to myself.

Surgery Site Warnings:
1) If you feel fluids leaking from the site. 2) If your leg feels warm are is hurting and/or stinging.
3) If your toes are turning blueish and tingle.
4) if you notice fluids actively coming through the gauze, foam ace, etc.

If you have an issue with tranportation, resturants, department stores and such, do not be afraid to speak up and tell your story. If they don’t hear your story how are they suppose to fix it? Here’s the link to United Airlines: 


My trip started with United having four cancelled afternoon flights in Sacramento, a fifth one was waiting parts from San Francisco which on a three day weekend, in a rain storm could be a 3-4 hour drive then the time to make the repairs and then my flight which left on time. To top it off, we sat on the Denver tarmac for 20 minutes waiting for a gate to open so we could de-plane. I only have 40 minutes between my flights so heres praying this tub starts moving again soon.  After 20 minutes, we de-planed rushed via wheelchair, the gold cart, wheelchair again and the. walking we made it to my Denver to Minot gate 24 minutes late and due to a delay (unknown reason) they just started boarding the handicap and families with children.  So yea, I made it.  

Have a great holiday weekend and be safe.

Thank you,
Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting

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