Wound Therapy Again

So after everything that went on this past Friday with my surgery center pertaining to my surgery site (aka: Wound Site), yesterday at 3:00pm – 3:30pm I noticed a dark grey to black stain on my sock.  Once I removed the black nylon sock they had over the compression wrap there was also a stain on the outside of the wrap.  I didn’t do anything knowing that I had a pre-scheduled appointment today (Monday, 2/13/17).  

I went in and did not even start unwrapping the site like I would normally do, I left this for the pros.  The nurse practitioner (NP) started cutting through the length of the wrap and little by little you could start to see, things were not looking good.  Then the smell hits you, not to totally rancid yet a potent scent.  It was at that time that the NP looked up at me and said, “Richard, if you don’t think you can handle it, do not look at it. We don’t want you passing out.”  She was right, take the gooshy, grimy goffer guts song and add in some of the spew that came out when a new “Alien” came out of someone’s stomach and a really rancid egg smell and you might be close.  

They ten began to clear out the wound and then decided to keep the treatment the same.  The theory is that there is so much excess fluid in my leg they are hoping that the first compression wrap pushed out the majority of it, i.e. the fluid coming out onto my sock.  From here the future compression wraps with then help keep any excess fluid from building up giving my body time to grow layers of new skin over the wound.  If there is any drainage out of the wrap I am to rewrap it as I have been and asap call in to set an appointment to have the heavy compression wrap put on.  Need to keep the leg elevated as much as possible, continue with limited sugar and carbohydrates and then add extra protein. 

Let’s hope this works, I like my legs and feet.

Sincerely,                                                                                 Richard Kreis                                             iCareTalk.net


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