In less then an hour

In one hour I go to see my providers, Infectious Disease Departments (IDD) doctor and I have never been more worried ūüė©. ¬†I’m not sure if it’s the departments name, Infectious Disease Department or what. ¬†With my 23 year history with my chronic back pain doctors or for the more recent 2.5 years of dealing with blood vein surgeries (3 total) and two of them becoming infected with various bacterias.

The previous infection took almost fifteen months to heal and then to only become re-infected with the October 2016 surgery which the first time was infected with seven different bacterias and this time with two bacterias. ¬†The vascular surgeon did say in my first meeting with him and again prior to my surgeries that the possibilities are the bacteria will go away, take awhile to heal and yes if we can’t cure it then the lower leg is an option. ¬†Of course we all knew that prior to meeting with him, we have the internet and have researched every possibility for, “blood vein valve failure.”
Twice a day I have to change the gauze and wrap covering the wound Site and most of the time (95%) I need to use wet the gauze to remove it, a towel to bite on and scream into as to not wake up Robert in the morning and again in the afternoon so Trish and Robert don’t hear my yell full on. ¬†I then spread Destyn all over the 4.5″x3.5″ wound, then soak gauze in an Acidic Acid¬†wash prescription, cover it with more gauze and then wrap in a gauze wrap. ¬†The final step is to put on three various strengths of TubaGrip¬†a compression sock of sorts. ¬†This is twice a day that I have to put me and my leg into a level 10+ pain (no pain 1 – 10 worst ever pain) and at one point we had it down to a “4,” then the bacteria stepped in.

This the ramblings of a worried, 52 year old, caregiver, author, blogger, inventor, notary, husband, father and son. ¬†Here’s hoping things go very, very, easy at the appointment. We all get here at one point or another in life, just know there’s always a end point.

Thank you,                                                            Richard Kreis                                  

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