Open a Spot in 2017

I am at Kaiser, Morse Ave., Sacramento, Ca. for an appointment with the Vascular Surgery Center’s Wound Therapy Department to have a Surgery Site which became infected looked at and cleaned (I’ll spare you any photos).  The wound went from a half inch long entry site to a 4″x 3″ open would.  Cold weather, cold water, hot water, warm water pretty much anything that can set off open nerves has set mine off, it frets as if a thousand bees are stinging me none stop for (at times) 20-30 minutes minimum. 

The reason for my post however has to do with the parking here horrible is the best word for it.  I have been coming here for three months now, twice a week and have only been able to park up front in a handicap spot, once.  Today’s trip is no different, here’s a photo from the front of where I parked.

I tracked it on my phone and it came up that from my car to Kaiser’s door alone was just over 400′.  This is not a Bash Kaiser post as they do have twenty plus handicap parking spots on the South side of their main building alone.  This to bash all the people who either have an expired plate or plaqard and to all the individuals and freight, postal, delivery, all companies who think it’s OK to park in a handicap spot without a valid temporary permit, plate or plaqard all because, “I’ll only be a few minutes” or “I’m just waiting for my parent/spouse who’s handicap.”   

I am sorry their handicap, however the law is clear in that, no one is to use for any reason a handicap parking space without someone who in the vehicle at the time of use that is handicap and an approved handicap plaquard, license plate or temporary plaquard “MUST” be displayed when using said spot. The laws are also clear in that no handicap parking space, handicap wheel chair ramp or handicap wheelchair unloading area is to be blocked at any time.  I bring this up because at today’s appointment alone in twenty handicap spots there were three vehicles with either expired or no handicap signage at all.  In the past few weeks I have ran into this same situation often and I am sure it happens more then what I’ve seen.  

If you see someone blocking handicap spots (even just one), handicap ramps (marked with yellow rubber), handicap ramp unloading areas or even blocking in handicap vehicles please, please Bring it up to the store manager or contact the company the vehicle belongs to and make sure to get the truck or vehicle’s number which is usually on the rear right.  I don’t use a handicap spot 100% of the time, but when I need it, it’s nice to have one available.  If you’ve see this happen in your area, please pass this post around and let’s see if we can’t open up a spot for those in need (not just me) in 2017.

Happy New Year,                                              Richard K.                                                                iCare Consulting                                  

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