Start Your 2017 Caregiving Off Right

With the new year less then fifteen hours away, now is the time to get ready to start the new year off tracking your or your loved ones vitals, medicines, appointments, insurance information, daily episodes (seizures, etc.), keep notes and write down questions for appointments and more.  With the journals small 9″x6″ size makes “A Journal Of Care” the right size to carry in a back pack, purse or wheelchair pocket.  The journals are available in one month, three month or six month length.  

To learn more about, A Journal Of Care, just copy and paste the correct link below for the one your interested in. 

1 Month Journal –        3 Month Journal – 6 Month Journal –

The journals came from my 23 plus years of dealing with chronic low back pain, eight years of caring for my mom who has had several strokes, dealt with atrial fibrillation, lung surgery and a heart valve replacement and from caring for my brother in-law who has dealt with Epilepsy his entire life and now requires aid for the All of his daily activities.  It  was easier to have a Journal with me or in the car (24/7) so I could keep it current.  

Designed to make your caregiving day easier and less time consuming.  It’s you my followers that keep me looking for new ways to benefit all caregivers. 

Happy New Year,                                              Richard Kreis       

iCare Consulting                  

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