Repost: “Robert’s Excellent Christmas Spirit”

Trish Hughes Kreis is my lovely wife of 19+ years, creator of and Robert is her brother (muse) and my amazing brother in-law.  Robert was born with epilepsy  and has lived through various surgeries, tested products hoping they would help and even more invasive treatments.  He has gone from caring for himself to a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility and he now lives with us.  He has gone from walking on his own to using a walker and now a wheelchair and through it all Robert has “ALWAYS” stayed true to his faith. 

Trish’s “” recently wrote a blog which can be found at the link below about Robert and his, “Excellent Christmas Spirit.”

It is an emotional look into how Robert has grown, touched our hearts and others in many ways.  Please feel free to continue to the original post and provide Trish with your thoughts.  Also there are more posts on about Robert and his past.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and all guest post here on

Thank you,                                                        Richard                     

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