Robertssister.coFollow-Up Interview With Richard K., 11/29/16

Today (11/29/16), Trish Hughes Kreis with has posted her follow up interview with myself (Richard Kreis).  She has been posting follow up interviews and interviews with people who deal with Epilepsy daily and those who are the caregiver to someone with Epilepsy.

I am Trish’s husband of 19 years and Roberts brother in-law and co- caregiver.  For three years now Robert has been living with us full time and for about two years prior to that he was in a care facility and stayed with us over the weekends.

Four or five years ago Trish began doing  a daily piece each November for Epilepsy Awareness Month and in 2012 did her first run of daily interviews.  Follow the link below to read my follow up interview.

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Happy Holidays,
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