Another hit follow up interview by Trish Hughes Kreis,  Today, Trish posts a follow up interview with Leslie.  The first interview hit Trish’s emotions so hard and it meant so much to her that she had to tell Leslie’s original interview in two parts, which I list those links below also.

Leslie’s, November 2012, Part I interview:

Leslie’s, November 2012, Part II interview:

Leslie’s November 2016 interview:

Each of these post are touching on their own, together they are down right amazing. A great job was done by by Leslie and Trish and a special Thank You to Leslie for sharing her story with all of us and all of Trish’s blog followers. 

I would like to thank you for reading and hopefully commenting on the articles posted here to not only my articles as well as guest articles from individuals, groups and companies of which pertain to topics from, caregiving, chronic pain, government topics, treatments and more. If you have other issues you would like to see written about, please send me an email and I will see what I can find to help. 
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