It is that time of year again, Halloween, Epilepsy Awareness Month, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Thanksgiving and The Walk to Cure Alzheimer’s which is coming up next weekend, 11/5/16 and tomorrow is “Turn in Tuesday.”  For all donations to show up on the day of the walk they have to be posted by tomorrow, 11/1/16.  

Out of all the Alzheimer’s related walks across the country, Walk4ALZ is Orange County’s largest walk.  The funds raised go to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s treatment, research and hopefully a cure for this horrible disease.

This will be my second time walking with team, “Walk for a Cure” and my third year collecting donations for the team and captains Gincy and Steve.  A few years ago Steve was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s, he is also a Disneyland Imagineer and I can almost guarantee if you rode any of the rides in Disneyland he had his hand on it at some point in his career.

The event this year is on November 5, 2016 and will be on Huntington Beach, Ca. If you are interested in sponsoring Team Walk for a Cure, please go to the following webpage, enter my name, RICHARD KREIS and then make your donation.


Last year with your help we raised $800.00, this year I planned on shooting for $1000,00 if at all possible.  Last I looked we were at $710.00 and Oh So Close.  For a last push to the $1000,00, remember that all your donations are tax deductible, are going to a great cause and to help a lot of very grateful people that are fighting with losing their memories of all their loved ones and waking one day not know who they are.  Please help!!


Thank you all, 

Richard Kreis

Team – Walk for a Cure

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