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This has been posted by, Andy Caton a guest blogger on this blog.  Andy is a blogger and marketer for Patient Handling. On his free time, he loves taking film photographs and writing poems. By working at home online, he provides support for his family. 

“5 Reasons Why Sheepskin Is Good For YouSheep production is big business in many countries like Australia. They are mainly raised for their meat, milk and sheepskin or lambskin. Sheepskin is tanned with the fleece intact, much like a pelt. It has many uses and that is why it is a valuable commodity in many places especially those with cold climates.The uses of Sheepskin can range from clothing to medical applications, to cleaning oil spills, or as insulation for homes and buildings. It has many practical uses. Here are five reasons why sheepskin is good for you.

1. Keeping Warm

Sheepskin leather products are excellent ways of keeping warm. It can be used as clothes, lining for gloves and boots and even blankets to keep away the chill on those long winter nights. This is because sheepskin is a natural insulator and keeps perspiration away from the wearer and stores it in the fibre. It is so effective in keeping warm that many cold climate countries have sheep’s wool as part of their national costume.

2. No More Allergies

Another reason to use sheepskin is aside from providing excellent insulation, it is also < ahref=””>hypoallergenic</a&gt;. This means the product can cause fewer allergic reactions. Sheepskins have lesser allergens than most cloth types and therefore do not cause allergies as much as other linen types. This is great news for people who have allergies because they can use sheepskin and other wool products with fear of getting sick.

3. Tough as Nails

Sheepskin is as tough as they can come. Unlike leather, you can step on it, scratch, scuff, and even small stains are easy to get rid of. Cleaning it is not as hard as some people think. Sheepskin rugs and blankets can even be washed in a washer. This is because the wool that sheep produce is very pliable and tough. This is why sheepskin rugs are excellent not only to keep the cold out, but they can stand a lot of wear and tear and are built to last.

4. Bedsore Solution

Studies have shown that <a href=””>sheepskin blankets can heal and prevent bedsores</a>. It does this by distributing the weight of the person on a bigger area and it reduces friction. Sheepskin blankets are also able to help the patient absorb moisture, which is the start of any bed sore. Once the patient is kept dry and the patient’s weight is evenly distributed, then the chances for bedsores are dramatically decreased.

5. Keeps the Skin Dry

Sheepskin contains <a href=””>lanolin</a&gt; which has several very important uses. First, it is what gives the wool a waterproof layer. This keeps the wool dry even in wet conditions. This also provides a buffer from the other elements like cold and heat. The second use of lanolin is as a natural skin moisturizer. It keeps the skin moist and free from dirt.

These are but five of the many reasons why sheepskin is good for people. We are still finding new ways to use this very reliable and useful gift we get from sheep around the world.”

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