The EMPOWERED PATIENT CHAT is coming up fast, in just 19hrs, 20min (+/-), Friday 11/21/16 at 10am PST.  To make the chat run smoother the questions to be asked are listed below.  TIP: write out your answers and save them.  Then during the chat just cut and paste when the question comes up.  This allows you to follow and share the chat as it’s happening. 

FYI – TopicsT1: What does “wellness” mean for you?
T2: How do diet, exercise and stress management play a part in your pursuit of wellness? Does your doctor bring these up?

T3: How can you work with your doctor to get the right tests and meds that support your vision for whole health and wellness?

T4: What are ways you integrate your mental and physical wellness?

T5: How can healthcare better foster #wholepersonhealthcare?

Bonus: The fall brings increased celebrations with family and friends. What are some tips to keep your wellness goals on track?

Reminder: follow your comments with #patientchat to ensure everyone sees what you have to say.

Here’s hoping to see you at tomorrow’s chat on Twitter. 

Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting 


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