WEGO 4th Annual Health Activists Awards, I’m a Nominee….

I was recently nominated in the WEGO 4th Annual Health Activists Awards for: Best in Show: Blog and for Advocating for Another, in the Fourth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards.   I would appreciate your endorsement if possible by clicking on the “Endorse Me Now” buttons below.  I have also provided my biography below so you can get to know more about me and what I do.


Or go to: https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/12433


Richard’s Bio:

Richard has always been very active professionally,
individually and with his family.  Richard is the proud father of three wonderful kids and husband to a wonderful and supportive wife.  Richard is the owner of iCare Consulting where he helps new and veteran caregivers with multi patients, organization of home, office and car, travel, setting up respite needs, filing paperwork and other topics as needed.  He is also involved with iCare-Radio.net where he takes to the airwaves via blogtalkradio.com, his topics include, caregiving, pain, medications, government issues, travel, and more.

Richard is a part-time caregiver to his mother who deals with heart issues and also helps care for Robert his brother-in-law who has dealt with epilepsy his entire life and now lives with Richard and his wife, Trish.  Richard is also a “Person In Pain” due to a drunk driver back in 1993 and to this day he and his family deal with 24/7/365 Chronic Back Pain, radiating down into his legs and u
p into his shoulders and neck.  Richard talks abRichard, I Make This Look Good, Santa Cruz 2013out how he deals with everything on his blog at PickYourPain.org, soon to be iCare-Talk.net.  He can also be followed on Twitter (@kreisr1) as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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