If you are one of the 60,000,000 plus that “Live With Pain” then let your pain and your voice be heard. If you are someone who cares for someone in pain, your voice should also be heard. There are times where you see more then those of us in chronic pain and for that, please make your voice heard as well.

My project for Pain Awareness Month is to post a new , Person in Pain or Pain Caregiver’s questionnaire interview (in advance I hope) daily through September.  So far I have five posted and another six being completed. The hope is to get the information we as veteran, People in Pain have learned and get that to each other and to those new to their pain journey.  If you would like to share your story please email me at, iCareConsulting@att.net and I will forward you the questionnaire. 

U.S. Pain Foundation is also asking for you to send your stories into congress, if you interested here is the link:


Robert (Epilepsy), Myself (Chronic Pain)

Thank you all,

Richard Kreis


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