Pain Stories Needed for September Pain Awareness Month Project, Please Help

September is Pain Awareness Month and the U.S. Pain Foundation has asked us Pain Warriors, People in Pain, etc.

“What will you do to give back?” 

My Pain Awareness Month project is to post a new Questionnaire Interview from someone in pain or someone who cares for or deals with someone they know that is in pain.  So far I have post four persons stories on my site, and I have another seven, People Living with Pain completing the questionnaire that I am waiting to receive to post their stories.  As you can see the number do not add up to 30 (one per day).  So, I am asking of possible to have 19-20 more people that would like to share their stories with those just starting their journey with pain in the hope that they learn a new tip, stretch, exercise or a trick that might have taken you months or even years to find out that it helps relieve your pain and no one had told you about it.  Lets give back to the new comers and the veterans and lets work together to determine what’s best to ease or just comfort our pain.

Remember, you are not in this alone, there are 60,000,000 plus of us out there, we just all need to connect as a group and share our stories so we can find that one miracle to help bring our journeys to an end. 

If you would like to share your story, please send me an email to and I will forward you the questionnaire or if you would like to just send me your story in your words (WORD or PDF format is best) I can post that also.  Please feel free to complete only the questions your comfortable answering or add comments or additional information you feel I need to tell your story at the end of the questionnaire and I will post it.  Your email address and last name (if provided) will not be posted unless other noted with “OK TO PRINT” by you on your questionnaire.

Thank you in advance to everyone who reads this post, to those who submit their stories and to all of you who have already submitted your stories.  I am sure you have helped others already with your stories.

Thank you,

Richard Kreis

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