September’s Pain Awareness Month and this is my project

Good Evening Everyone,

Tomorrow starts Chronic Pain Awareness Month and U.S Pain Foundation is doing blogs and other projects throughout the month and in several post has asked us “People with Pain what will we do to give back?

I have planned to provide a questionnaire to “Anyone In Pain” or to “Anyone Who Lives With or Cares For Someone in Pain.”  The questionnaire is just 25 questions and asks questions like,

“How do you deal with your pain when it flares up?”

Or if you want you can simply send me your story in your own words and I will post it exactly how you write it.  The idea is to give those just starting their “Journey of Pain” or even give all of you Veterans with Pain the knowledge that we as a part of the 47%  of people in the United States alone who are affected by chronic pain have already learned from our time in pain. Or to give them some new way to try to help decrease the pain, one they may not have thought of. I only need (24) people to provide their story to complete this what will be an information filled project.  If you are interested or know someone who might want to help, please send me your email address or send them my email address so I can get you the qestionnaire and to let you know when your story will be posted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you are one of the 24 people I need to complete my, “People in Pain, U.S. Pain Association, Annual Pain Awareness Month” project.

Thank You,

Richard Kreis

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