Day 7, Love and Marriage Celebration Post by: Trish Hughes Kreis

Posted By: Trish Hughes Kreis

On: Sunday, August 14, 2016

At: 5:15pm, pst

Day 7 of the Love and Marriage Celebration. We were tagged by G-j Heins and, to be honest, it took me a few days to decide to participate. I kind of don’t like those cut & paste FB status things or the tagging and pass it along posts. This one, though, I kept thinking about. We don’t have a lovey-dovey, 24/7 awesome marriage (not sure that exists) but I decided it was important to show what real love is all about: mistakes, mis-steps, caregiving, unexpected twists & turns along with love and commitment. Our kids are not yet married (Rachel Hughes is engaged to Matt Stevens, though) and I hope that even though we had some rough times, all the kids saw that we loved each other and them and that’s what real life is all about. Thanks for coming along these past 7 days with us. Hard to believe we will be celebrating 19 years next month! With love, Trish & Richard. ❤ #love #marriage #reallife #endingwithalittlemush

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