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August 8, 2016

Monday 3:20pm pst
Richard Kreis and I were recently tagged by our good friend, G-j Heins, in the celebration of Love and Marriage phenom that is taking over Facebook right now. I was hesitant to participate because I didn’t want to break the “code” which seems to say these posts should be all about how wonderful and happy marriage and love is 100% of the time. Wellllll, hmm. Don’t get me wrong! I am thrilled to see pictures of people celebrating love! It’s a much needed break from all the political vitriol being spread. However, (honesty alert!) I don’t know about you, but we have had some rough times. We have a blended family which brings its challenges and joys and Richard has suffered from chronic pain our entire marriage. We’ve seen a therapist longer than we haven’t and should probably exchange Christmas presents with her by now. So our pictures will not be all puppy dogs, unicorns and rainbows but they will be about love, joy, hardship and, most of all, commitment. Thank you, G-j, for giving us this opportunity to share a caregiver’s marriage. ❤ This picture is from our wedding day which involved chirping toy birds, a soccer game early in the day, a birthday party mid-day, our wedding in the backyard that evening and a little boy who couldn’t resist a plateful of strawberries (and a best man who cleaned up that mess). 🙂

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