Looking for 29 People’s Chronic Pain Story for My 2016 National Pain Awareness Month project.


Hello All My Fellow People in Pain,

If you don’t know it, September is National Pain Awareness Month and in this months Pain Pathways magazine it talks about giving back and list things we can do to help others in our situation.  Before I ask, I would like to give a brief background on myself.  In May 1993 I was a District Sales Manager in the petroleum equipment industry for all of Northern California and Northern Nevada on May 11 returning from a State meeting in Fresno I was rear ended at 75-80 mph by a drunk driver.  My cars frame was bent 11″, the rear end if the van tore off and I had a 3 yr and 2-1/2 month old at home.  I was out of work for four months, and since went from a great job to fully disabled.  I know where most of you are or have been and found support in a caregiving site with wonderful people, four of which I now call family and with who I am writing a series of caregiving tip books with and feel this is how I can further help.  Please continue to read further.


My idea, which I will need the help and support of twenty-nine (29) of you is to, each day in September post a new “Person in Pain’s” interview questionnaire, which I’ve attached at the bottom of this post.  I understand that some questions may be more personal than others and if you decide to participate in the questionnaire, please feel free to only the answers your comfortable answering.   Also, no names will be used if specified and then I will only use first name and a general location (West Coast, Mid-West, East Coast, etc.).  On September 1, I will be posting my questionnaire and would like to fill the entire month with a new daily interview questionnaire in the hopes that someone new to pain will read them and find even the slightest ray of sunshine somewhere at the end of their tunnel.  Please help me help them by completing the questionnaire and returning it to at:




All of the questionnaires will be posted on, http://www.pickyourpain.org iCare-Talk.org and will also be promoted on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please feel free to share this with others you know that are in any type of pain, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, migraines,  arthritis, neuropathic pain all pain types are welcome.  If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or about anything, please feel free to send me an email at anytime, I will get back with you as soon as I can.  Thank you in advance for reading this post and a special thanks to those of you who are willing to share your story.  

I look forward to posting them and to the challenge of doing a post a day of this size.  

Thank you all.

Richard K.

iCare Consulting – National Pain Awareness Month

Chronic Pain Questionnaire

Richard Kreis, Certified Caregiving Consultant

Name: _________________________ (1st Name only)       Date: ___________

eMail: _____________________________ Date Posted: ________________

             (Used to notify you of your interviews post date and questions I may have.  


  1. How long have you lived with chronic pain?

  2. What do you understand is the cause of your pain?

  3. Describe your typical day. How is it impacted when your pain is mild? Moderate? Severe?

  4. What do you do to manage your pain (e.g. medications, complementary therapies, etc.)?

  5. How did you figure out what approaches you needed to take to get your pain under control?

  6. Is your pain management adequate? Can it be improved? If so, how?

  7. Has your attitude changed regarding pain as a result of your experience with chronic pain? how?

  8. In your opinion, what is holding back your pain from improving or becoming stable? How do we break through those doors?

  9. What does your healthcare provider do to help you with your chronic pain? What do they do that’s holding you back?

  10. How has chronic pain impacted your family life? Your social life? Your work life?

  11. Does the experience of living with chronic pain carry personal meaning or significance for you? Have you discussed this significance with your family? Your health providers?

  12. What are your feelings when it comes to the thinking that the governments emphasis on opioids and the addictive qualities has taken away from the ability to manage patients pain and the inappropriate use which leads to addiction? Which in turn is actually hurting pain sufferers.

  13. There is a stereotype out there that all those in “Pain” or on “opioids” are nothing more than addicts. Or, it’s all just in our heads? When you hear someone say one of these or something else similar, what’s your first thought?

  14. Where do you go? Who do you talk to? What sites do you go on, when you have just had to much?

  15. Do you think your family, spouse or friends truly understand what and how your chronic pain is affecting you both physically and mentally?

  16. How much is, too much?

  17. What type of treatments have you tried to rid you of your pain? Which works best?

  18. Have you found anyone or anything that actually helps with your pain relief?

  19. What’s treatments are in your pain relief toolbox? (massage, medication, ice/heat, physical therapy)?

  20. What is your best piece of advice on how to best communicate when you’re in extreme pain?

  21. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone new to chronic pain?

  22. How do you stay in a good place with all of the physical issues you go through in a day?

  23. How do you stay in a good place with all of the mental issues that go along with controlling chronic pain?

  24. How much of your day do you devote to your pain and trying to keep it in check?

  25. Do you tell people near you when you need help or when you’re in so much pain you need a break, at home? At work?




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