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Available now on LuLu.com and soon to be on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com, my first, second and third books, well just one in three different versions.


A Journal of Care, 1 Month Version Cover - JPEGThe three are different yet the same, “A Journal of Care” is designed in your choice of a “One Month, Three Month or Six Month” version and other than some of the quotes and tips through out them being different, other than the time periods.  The three journals are for you, a parent, son, daughter, grandparent, even caregiver to enter in the provided spaces medical basics such as emergency contacts, insurance information, doctors involved in you or your loved ones care, emergency contacts as well as medications, allergies and more.  They then offer pages for daily information on ones vitals, medications times, appointments you attend, tests done and the findings.  The journals even offer a monthly calendar in front of each month as well as a page for expenses to be reimbursed and other pages for notes and monthly summary pages.

The author is even expanding the series and is going to offer journals specific to various medical conditions such as, epilepsy, offering spaces for noting times of seizures, length and recovery times.  Or even alzheimers where episode times and other condition related issues need to be documented space is available and all in on location.  The journals are a nice 6″ x 9″ in size making them easy to fit into a purse, backpack, etc. so A Journal of Care 6 Month Version Cover - JPEGits not something your juggling along with water bottles, wheelchairs, etc.


The benefit here is when you are visiting the general practitioner, physical therapist, neurologist, or other medical office you have all the past appointments with everyone listed, what happened, medication changes, therapies being done, and more all in one location, your Journal of Care.  So, what I hear you asking yourself is do you want to go with a one month version a try it out or go right for the six month version?









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