Atlas of Caregiving, 15 Family Survey

Awhile back myself, my wife Trish and my brother in=law Robert all participated in a unusual survey with fifteen other families which was hosted by Rajiv and Celine at, Atlas of Caregiving.  In brief the study consisted of several in person interviews, us wearing both auto and video recorders, movement sensors stationed throughout the house to monitor our movements, as well as inside weather (air, perspiration, etc.).  All aspects of our caregiving activities were monitored, recorded, tabulated and then put into a report with graphs, layouts and more.  The survey was such a success that Forbes did a piece on the survey and Atlas of Caregiving, it has even reached international sectors.

Today the results of the survey will be released an I have placed a link to the report below for you to review.  I would be interested in your thoughts and comments.


Thank you for taking the time to review this and for commenting.



Richard Kreis

iCare Consulting, iCareRadio


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