Who Are the Real Hero’s?

“Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy. ”
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

I had to respond to this quote and say that I disagree with it 100%. Think of all the service men, women and their families who did not pay the ultimate price. Yes I do agree with the saying, “All Gave Some, Some Gave All,” however this does not mean just because you were not injured or killed in combat that your not a hero. Also, what about the service men and women who have families, are they not hero’s as well? They marry into the service at the same time their husband or wife does, they travel to the majority of places the service member does except for combat zones of course. They are as much hero’s in my book as the service member. Then you have firefighters, police, etc. Do these folks not earn a hero’s status? They deal with the worst and get little recognition except for negative recognition and that comes from a small portion of the total, not the total.

On top of it all, the average pay for a journeyman firefighter is only $53,890, for a police office in Fort Worth Texas is $61,483 (Senior Officer) which is about the equivalent of an E4 in the military who brings in $25,530 annually.* These numbers “Do Not Include” benefits, clothing allowances which the military has none. Then you have various sports paying their players millions for 3-5 year contacts and pro basketball teams play 82 regular season games, pro footballs play 16 regular season game, with pro baseball at 162 regular season games. No one in any of these sports is being shot at or walking into a burning building. After reading this, the next time you see a service member, police officer or fighter fighter please, let them know you appreciate what they do, day in and day out. Now if you can please tell us,

Who’s your hero?


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Richard Kreis

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  • Figures obtain from https://search.yahoo.com/search (football, baseball, basketball and E4)

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