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Congrats to These Certified Caregiving ConsultantsMar 31, 2016 by Denise

Congratulations to our first round of students who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training program. The following graduates are now, officially, Certified Caregiving Consultants™:

Sally Hayward

 Sally has worked in various clerical capacities  

for fifty-five years. She also has worked closely with elderly and disabled people including in low income housing and in nursing homes. She volunteered and worked at a small community library for approximately forty years in my spare time primarily assisting patrons with finding research material. Since retiring for the fourth time she has been working with the staff at the local Family & Aging Agency as well as ADRC working mostly with elderly. Looking forward, she intends to assist family caregivers in researching and finding Services, durable medical products, and support groups. Her primary focus will be toward elderly needs of low income families and will be pro-bono. Sally is also one of our Volunteer Caregiving Researchers. You can send a note of congrats to Sally via her profile page: @sara32742.
Colleen Kavanaugh

Colleen brings her decade of family caregiving experience and training to empower and uplift family caregivers step-by-step. While caring for her mother with cancer and father with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, working and raising a family, she could never imagine seeing the other side of life after caregiving. Her feeling of isolation and the lack of understanding from others who were not in her situation have called her to help current family caregivers from feeling the same things. Colleen works with clients to create proactive strategies that encourage thriving within the demanding caregiving role. Colleen is also one of our Volunteer Caregiving Researchers. Be sure to watch Colleen’s free webinar, THE DREAM TEAM: Creating a Team for a Successful Caregiving Season. Visit Colleen’s website, The Longest Dance, to learn how to hire Colleen as a consultant. You can send a note of congrats to Colleen via her profile page: @colleen.
Richard Kreis

Richard is a part-time caregiver to his mom, Carol, who has heart issues, as well as for his brother-in-law, Robert, who has dealt with epilepsy his whole life and lives with Richard and his wife, Trish. Richard is also a full-time caree himself because of chronic back pain issues caused by a drunk driver in early May 1993. Richard is the owner of iCare Consulting a Certified Caregiving Consultant company that specializing in working with multiple carees, setting up and maintaining the home and necessary supplies, and helping you and your caree stay organized. He also evaluates caregiving-related products, such as stair treads, wheelchair ramps and a wireless blood pressure monitor. Richard hosts several chats on CareGiving.com, including “Let’s Get Organized” and “Men’s Caregiving” and is an adviser for intake.me. Richard is one of five caregivers who together wrote, 365 Caregiving Tips: Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers. Richard is also one of our Volunteer Caregiving Researchers. You can learn how to hire Richard on his blog, pickyourpain.org. You can send a note of congrats to Richard via his profile page: @kreisler.

Best wishes to Sally, Colleen and Richard as they begin their work to make the lives of family caregivers better.

Our next session of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program begins Monday! I’d love for you to join us. Learn more and enroll in our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program, which helps you turn your personal caregiving experience into a profession.

To join one of the upcoming class sessions and to received a discount on the tuition contact one of consultants above to receive a coupon code.  Take what you may already be doing and turn it in a part time or even full time home based business.

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