’s 3rd Annual, Virtual Caregiving Conference

Save the Date:’s Virtual Caregiving Conference Is April 3, 2016 is having their, 3rd Annual Caregiving Conference  which will take place on Sunday, April 3, 2016 and begins at 2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT, 11 a.m. PT). You can register for our conference to receive updates and reminders at the bottom of this post.

Each year, in our Annual Family Caregiver survey, you say that you want a caregiving conference in your community. We love the idea of hosting a conference but how to do it so we reach as many                                                                     family caregivers as possible?

Our Virtual Caregiving Conference is the solution — the conference happens right in your home. In essence, we bring the conference to you.

It’s a conference that features ideas, insights and inspirations from family caregivers and that’s just for family caregivers. You can watch the live conference in the comfort of your home. And, we’ll create an archive of the conference so you watch the conference as often as you want and need. Look for details on January 27 on how you can submit a proposal to present a workshop during our conference. (You can watch our 1st Annual Caregiving Conference and our 2nd Annual Caregiving Conference.) Stadium Seating, Virtual Caregiving Conference, 040316

Anyone caring for a family member or friend will want to attend. Attending our conference is easy — just watch our presentations in the comfort of your home or on your laptop, computer or tablet.

If you offer a product or service that helps family caregivers, we’d love for you to be a sponsor.

Be sure to save the date — our conference will happen April 3, 2016, and begin at 2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT, 11 a.m. PT).


            Thank you and we’ll see you there.

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