Respite Re-Worked

 Tonight and tomorrow night me and my wife, Trish were suppose to be having our first respite in quite a few months, well a minimum of 9-10 months.  I had reserved a room at Thunder Valley Casino & Resort (TVCR) with six chocolate dipped strawberries to be waiting in the room on our arrival.  The resort actually called this past Monday to confirm everything which I’ve never had any hotel ever do, great customer service TVCR, keep up the great work.  OK now back to us, Trish then receives a call from the respite coordinator stating that the room (bed) they were going to be able to get Robert into fell through, so now what?  

Me, Trish and Robert

Later that day, Trish was explain the flop to our daughter Rachel who quickly offered to came over and watch Robert why we go out to dinner. THANK YOU!!! Rachel and Matt. This morning when we met Rachel for run coffee (grab coffee and run to work) Rachel asked, “Are you planing to also see a movie? “. WHAT?  You are offering to watch Robert through dinner and a movie?  Well, if we plan it around when Robert has eaten dinner, performed his final constitutional, grooming and is in bed doing his puzzle book and watching his shows all they will need to do is give him his last doses of Meds and maybe change the tv to the next show.  Alright, now we have the hard job, what movie to see and if we’ll make it through a movie at that hour?  

Charlie (of course) Rachel and Matt

Thanks again Rachel, Matt and Charlie (yellow lab) for the mini-bit and for watching Robert and keeping Taz (black lab) company tomorrow while me and Trish get a few minutes to recoup, recover, reinvigorate and relax. Your are all amazing and it just goes to show you that if respite is really needed you can and will find a way to take it.    OM!!!

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