Daylight Savings, PAIN!!

Hello All,

In about 2-3 weeks it is once again, Daylight Savings Time or for many of us with chronic pain, Daylight Savings, PAIN.  If your like me and I know a lot of you are, its that time of year when the seasons change from Winter to Spring and the weather changes from colder to warmer and your pain changes in intensity, or you just know when the days will be nice or not so nice.  With me, my pain will change from a 5-7 (which is my normal) out of 10 on the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) or for those of you who like the facial expressions you could just use the, Universal Pain Assessment Tool  Pain chartshown here, of which I would rate from moderate to severe pain (on average).  There are times at which my pain is an 8-9 or severe  to worst possible pain.  Usually when I first get up, when its going to or is raining, or just when the temperature outside is below about 50 degrees.  Then at the other end of the Daylight Savings Pain change when seasons are changing from summer to fall and even fall to winter and we’re going from upper 90’s to the low 60’s my pain levels will change as the weather gets colder the pain increases. This pain change is usually the worst due to it radiates throughout my entire spine, up into my shoulders and down into my thighs.  I found the best treatment for “MY PAIN” is extra pain medication, sometimes Tylenol is all I need, heat/ice packs, extra stretching or more walking.  The main thing is none of this take away the increased pain, 100%.  I keep track of my pain and the amount of pain medications I’m taking, as I don’t like the feeling I get on narcotics I take only the bare minimum I need to to break even and then I go with an over the counter pain medicine.  What I can say is that if you have found something that work for you and your increase in pain during the two Pain Change’s keep doing it, remember your body has a way of getting use to what your doing for main management and you then have to search for a new way to keep your at bay.  You can go to the WebMD’s website at,  Don’t give up, there is always a way to decrease your pain.  Its just might take awhile to find it.

Good Luck with the upcoming Daylight Savings PAIN (3/13/16) and remember, “Pain Without Humor is Just Painful.  ~ Richard K.”    / : ^{)>


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