Garage Finally Cleaned, New Years Resolution 1 of Top 5

This past week end (2/6/16) we did it we were able to actually complete one of my top five New Years Resolutions for 2016, clean out the garage enough to get minimum one of our cars in it so we can load and unload Robert, who has epilepsy (since early childhood), couple of brain surgeries and mobility issues, on a flat surface and not on our inclined driveway.  Below I have provided just some of the before, during and final photos of the garage.  We had the walkway you see in photo entitled “2 of 2-3/4” and a similar one going from the house door to the garbage can door and that was all of our walking space.  The 3/4 space will turn into my tool, garden and build area and of course garages 1 and 2 will be for our cars, if they both fit.

The mass accumulated in the garages carried over from our last house which we pre-packed to try and sell, which didn’t happen for almost 16-18 months, so it all just stayed in the 2 car garage.  When we finally were able to sell and move into our new place with the larger garage, the accumulation fill all of the 2-3/4 garages.  Once we were finally settled and had more time, energy and a better idea of how we wanted Bluefeather to look we started to clear through the mountain of boxes, containers, decorations and more. From when we started this project around January 9th, we spent a total of four weekends and partial one night a week going through everything.



























































































































































































































































































































































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