Organize Your Life, 2016

I’m starting a new post series, “Organize Your Life.”  This will be a weekly post pertaining to organizing things in our life’s we use or do the most and how it helps with our pain  medical disability. The first one is related to the first part of my day, COFFEE!!

Who doesn’t start their day with a cup of Gods gift to caregivers, coffee, mocha, espresso and so many more?  I’m a pretty organized person, especially when it comes to my home coffee station, shown here.

I have the Ninja Complete coffee maker which brews regular to espresso coffee’s, French Press for those smooth detailed coffee days, our chocolate & caramel sauces as well as the peppermint, caramel, chocolate & mango syrups.

I had some left over labels from the photo coasters I made as Christmas gifts for my family and used three of them to label the coffees, Starbucks Espresso blend, Stsrbucks Decaf House and Starbucks Coarse Ground Pikes Place.  The main reason for doing this is last time I was out caring for my mom Robert accidentally was given regular (which can bring on seizures) instead of decaf coffee and I’ve been wanting to get this area organized anyway (OCD, I guess.)  I even put the decaf in a light green container for added safety.

Now quickly, easily and cheaper I can make 80%-85% of the drinks available at “ALL” the big coffee houses.  Yes, I said cheaper.

Comparing our visits to the local coffee shop, a Grande, Mocha goes for $4.50 (+/-), my cost is only $0.95.  A Starbucks Venti Flat White, with 6 shots is $7.25 (+/-), my cost is $1.05 and on and on.  I get the sauce’s from the Starbucks website, for the large container it’s only $24.00 (caramel and chocolate sauces) their even good over ice cream and pies, the syrups (peppermint, caramel and chocolate) are all Torini brand from the local World Market.  Thinking about it I’m even saving on my time and gas by making everything here at home.

Grab the coffee, sauce, syrup


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