My #1 2016 Resolution

Hello and Happy 2016,

I know the majority of us make goals for the new year and that a large number of those goals made we never reach.  Several of my goals involve doing things which will benefit not just me but also my wife and my brother (from her side), Robert who has epilepsy and uses either a walker or wheelchair daily.  My first resolution for 2016 is to clean up, or out our 3 car (really a 2 car and a Smart car in size) garage, so we can fit at least one car in to load/unload Robert.  Our current drive way has a decent slope to it that is steep enough to not be 100% safe for Robert or us, so this will be easier and safer getting him in/out of the car especially when we have rain.  Here’s is a photo of just one car port (2 car area), with the space to the left (Garage 1 of 2-2/3’s) not being much neater,

Pre-Clean Garage 3, 113015

Garage 2 of 2-2/3

Pre-Clean Garage 1, 113015

Garage 2/3 of 2-2/3’s

however it does have a walkway from the house door to the roll up garage door that’s just about 14″ wide and there is a walkway from the house to the outside door leading to the garbage cans which is about the same width.  The next photo is what the builder is calling the third garage yet may just fit a Smart car.  This is what I will call the 2/3’s garage.  This area will eventually be my tool area, “I hope” and as you can see it barely has room to put a standard size tool box not to mention a table saw.   The majority of the boxes here were packed at our last home some 6-7 months ago, we just have not been able to get to looking through them until now.  As mentioned above my hope is to open up garage #1 which is to the right in this photo which would provide Robert a straight line into the house when he get out of the car.  This is a vast improvement over having to park on the sidewalk, push him up the driveway (steep slope), then have to push through the front door where the dogs just can’t wait for Robert to get home.  It is for this reason and more, that organizing the garage is #1 on my, “Let’s Get Organized” ( and my “2016 New Years Resolution” (  lists.  I will follow up each weekend with photos, organizing tips and and a progress status.  I committed to making Adirondack chairs for my daughter and their boyfriends for Christmas gits 2015, so I guess I should get started.

Thank you all for reading, following and commenting on my blog throughout 2015.  I can not wait to see where 2016 takes us.  So, Good Luck to all of you who made resolutions, I offer my wish that you are able to complete them or at least the real important ones.

Happy New Year, Flashing



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