“Move It Along – Pay It Forward”

I am thrilled to announce a round of “Move it along – Pay It Forward.”The first 5 people to respond to my status, “I’m in” will get a surprise from me sometime during the current year.

It may be food, a book, movie tickets, a new car (just seeing if you are paying attention) or something you would have never thought of!!

There will be no warning before it happens. When I get a Eureka moment on what will really make you happy – I will get it to you.

The First 5 who write “I’m in” will have to pay it forward and make the same offer on their Facebook status.

As soon as the first five people will respond, I will let them know and have them copy and paste this message on their status.

Just think how great the world will be if everyone ends up doing this!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all an amazing year of incredible KARMA!!!

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