Caregiving and A_&T?

Internets Down, now five times in under three weeks.  Usually lasting a day or so, when the techs can get out and repair.  This all started when our security/Robert monitoring cameras all went down and for the life of me I could not get them going again.  Tried starting over, rebooting, uninstalling then re-installing, called manufacturer and they determined the cameras life’s their life.  They said because they ran the same amount of time, were on 24/7/365, etc. they actually lasted longer than normal.  

So, Richard in his usual way I went and purchased new cameras, (5) Foscam, model F18918W’s (Pan & Tilt Wireless IP Camera) and (1) Foscam, model HD Wireless Camera.  Why so many, well we monitor his bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, driveway and now adding the front door to see whos knocking.  Except the last one at any of these locations Robert can and has had seizures which needed us, ASAP. Better safe then sorry, right?

 The cameras arrived quickly and I immediately started installing them.  Without them as mentioned above we are missing a lot of Roberts seizures, when he’s ready for a restroom break, when his van arrives for pick up and for drop off and even when when we need to go change the tv to the next show.  

On installing the new cameras software I find out that to utilize an IP camera you need to have a, “Static IP Address” on your system so you can remotely view the cameras.  Who knew? Nowhere in the eB_y ad for the cameras did it state this, only that there were wireless could be viewed remotely and easy to install.  Also, and this may just be a coincidence, ever since I had A_&T come out and install the necessary Static IP Address is exactly when all my issues started.  Coincidence or Related?  The fifth technician is here now and has an issue with the original tech who installed the system six months ago’ wiring and is in the process of redoing it.  If there was a problem, why has the system been working since we moved in?  Why did the issues start only when the Static IP address was installed? Why did none of the first four tech’s even look at the main box when they came out?  Heck they didn’t even bring in a screwdriver just the Industrical Programming and Diagnostic devices (iPad).  

“My wiring from the main outside box to into the house.”

He has now been here 2-1/2 hours and has called two of the four previous tech’s for their thoughts and now calling his boss.  Does anyone else think this sounds a lot like caregiving? Do I need to make up a one page “WIFI Health Page” which I can hand to the next tech when he comes over to try and fix my system?  

FYI – I’ve had A_&T since 1989 when I started outside sales and have had very few “major” issues that have not been repaired within a day.  This is the biggest issue since I joined them. 

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