How Many People Do You Know? 10/21/15

How Many People Do You Know?  Really though, how many people do you know, that still send out thank you cards for the gifts they receive on say, their birthday or Christmas?  We do for Christmas because it is a thing for my wife that is mandatory and has been since we’ve been married.  The kids had an issue with it, with some of my sons Christmas gifts, thank you cards not being completed until after his March birthday, but no matter what they get done. The reason for my post is that this year is my second time walking with team, “A Walk for a Cure.”  Our great friends Gincy and Steve are Captains of the team and got involved about two years ago when Steve was diagnosed with the early onset Alzheimer’s.  Steve is a Disney Imangineer and designed, created and built rides including, Soaring Over California.  Gincy is the lead for our team and does an amazing job of keeping everyone informed and up to date.  This year I get the privledge of being in the Huntington Beach, Ca. area and will be walking with the team.  To go the extra mile, I go get our mail today and find the enclosed Thank You card with a simple package of “Forget Me-Nots,”from Steve and Gincy.  

Now how appropriate is that, not just a thank you card but a simple package of flower seeds that work with the them of the 5K Walk.  She didn’t have to do this, she’s told me thank you many times through emails, through the Alzheimer’s, Walk For a Cure web site and more.  But on your birthday you get $200-$350 in gifts from friend and family, every year for birthdays and more for Christmas, graduations, and so on.  So When Was the Last Time You, Sent a Thank You Card?  Not an email or text, a Thank You Card? 

To Gincy my Captain of Captains, Thank You for the Forget Me-Nots, a card will be arriving shortly.  And to all the walkers and volunteers at this years, Alzheimer’s, Walk To End Alzheimer’s 5K, thank you for your participation, time and energy.

Richard Kreis

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