Toilet Tragedy, 8/13/15

Sounds real bad but ends up only being a $129.00 issue.  I am on Lasix (water pill) and it gets me up several time during the night.  Last night was no different.  I also have to wear a compression sock on my right leg for fluid build up and my left leg is wrapped by Kaiser’s Woubd Therapy Center to try and help clear up the  infection I have from the surgery just about a month ago. 

That’s all the background now here’s the story. I wake up last night on two hours after going to bed to of course use the facilities.   Once done I went to stand up and my left leg decided to slip on the new tile and since it was having such a good time my right leg had to join in on the fun and slipped forward also.  I now doing the Matrix Slow Morion grab trying to get ahold of anything and there was nothing, so my feet went forward, my upper body back right into the 1-1/2 month old toilet cracking off the tank right where the bolts connect the base and the tank.  Water spraying every where, I jump up not thinking, “I just slipped now why am I jumping up?” I turn off the incoming water valve at the wall and start throwing down towels.  All the while not 10′ away Trish is sound asleep and I’m cusing up a storm and not being quite about and she continues to sleep.  Tells you what a busy few months she’s been having. 

Well, yet another trip to Home Depot, that’s not such a bad thing.  It’s the adult males, “Toy’s R Us.”  I know the compression socks are a life time item, it’s the wound wrapping I can not wait to get rid of.  Flip flops are starting to kill my feet.  Now onto the next project. 

Thank You for following my blog.  

(Top is the surgery site and bottom is the original problem area. The white area is to keep the wrapping from sticking to the wound)

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