Memories, 6/30/15

Even in pain when my kids were in elementary and middle schools I would be the first person to volunteer to go on the class field trips.  In a recent trip to my niece’s graduation party we had to turn around due to horrible traffic, we went 40 miles in 2hrs 45min and were only half way there.  Heading home we stopped at Fenton’s Creamery in Vacaville, Ca. which just happed to be right next to a Jelly Belly jelly bean store, with the move closing in and sharing memories at our recent, “Good Bye Mardi Gras Ct.” BBQ Jelly Belly reminded me of going with his and his best friend, Zach’s 3rd or 4th grade class to the Jelly Belly factory on a field trip.  I seemed to be handled with having the higher energy kids in my group and these two, were their leaders.  At the end of the tour you’re able to get a few samples to taste and of course they wanted all the grosse one’s like, vomit, dirt, mowed grass, snot and so forth. 


“Jelly Belly Water Bottles,” Vacaville, Ca.

So now here on 6/15/15, with that memory in mind and now being many years older it just so happens he is dating his best friends Zach’s sister.  I decided to buy these water bottles which I then filled his with Star Wars Specials and hers with Hello Kitty and the finished filling them with an assortment bag.  I hope getting this gets him to remember and enjoy that trips memory as much as I have.  I just hope these get to them before this post airs, see their in Minot, ND witht the USAF and we’re in Northern California you know what they say about the postal service.

Thanks for the memories guys (Chris  and Zach).


Chris and Zach, 2014′ “Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Ca.”


Bri and Chris, 2015′ “1st trip home”


Me and Chris, 2012′ “USAF Bootcamp Graduation”



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