An Amazing Brother In-Law and his Amazing Sister’s Short Film on Epilepsy, 02/09/15

     Earlier today I wrote a post regarding my brother in-law Robert and referenced a post (with amazing short film) my wife Trish did of him and his fight with Epilepsy.  Below please find the post from, and the link directly to her post and the amazing short film she compiled, you can also locate the 30 days of video, posts she did for Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Robert and International Epilepsy Awareness Card, 020915

Robert and International Epilepsy Day’s Card                               February 09, 2015

The Magic of Excellent: A Short Film

Today is the first ever International Epilepsy Day, created by The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)(Going forward, the official International Epilepsy Day will be the second Monday of every February.)

Robert is participating in the awareness initiative of the Epilepsy Awareness Squad who is partnering with IBE this year. Robert posed for the photo included here for them and they will share his photo along with many others who have epilepsy.

I am also thrilled to share the video that Richard, Robert and I made about his story and for International Epilepsy Day!!  (For those who saw my November Epilepsy Awareness Month videos, don’t worry – this is short!).

Regular readers know that Robert has a generally positive attitude but can be cranky depending on his medications, if he’s under the weather or having a not-so-super Super Bowl game. In spite of all this, Robert will – without fail – describe his situation as “excellent.”  I have a hard time grasping this “everything is excellent” attitude but think Robert really does believe everything is excellent.

That is the “Magic of Excellent” and my inspiration for this video.

Thank you for watching and please share with the hashtag #epilepsyday if possible.

Wishing everyone a lifetime of excellent and magic.

     If you are able to read her post and watch their short film, please leave offer up your thoughts and if inclined please post this elsewhere so others can see read about Robert’s battle with Epilepsy, remember he’s not the only one.

Thank you,

Richard Kreis

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