Here We Go Again, 2/4/15

Here we are again, another Dr. Stevens Pain Management, Intrathecal Pain Management Pump refill and another hour or so of me being a “Nervous Norman.” It has been almost 1-1/2 years since the doctor performed an accidental fentanyl overdose on me. Since then just heading to their office puts my nerves on overload. About an hour prior to me leaving I become anxious, start racing around, heart skips a beat or two, etc.


I mentioned it to both the doctors I’ve seen since and they both say the same thing, “We have steps we take to ensure we’re in the port (in the pump). then we do X, Y and Z to make sure that we’re getting what we should be, making sure the refill is going okay.”. I’m laying there thinking, “Okay so what happened in September 2012, where I was admitted to the ICU for four days and the hospital/home another week?”


One of the funny things about this situation is that the nurse practitioner who started my refill, realized early on they was an issue left the exam room to get the doctor was released from her position in the practice and the doctor that she grabbed to help, and who attempted to finish my procedure, purchased the practice, WHAT? So here we are 1-1/2 years later still trying to figure it all out and what to do about it. Here are some of out thoughts so far,

1) Turn off the pain pump for a week or so to see how my pain is without it. Trish doesn’t think it’s relieving my pain as well as I think it is.

2) Speak with both Kaiser Pain Management and see what they have available. We do know that Kaiser does not use the Internal Pain Pump.

3) Speak with Sutter Pain Clinic and see what they have for Chronic Pain.

4) Find other sources for Chronic Pain Management.

5) Get with lawyers office and see if Worker Compensation if willing to do a buy out of my medical. What this means is they will offer me a lump sum for all future medical relating to my chronic pain. If I accept it, those funds will be placed into an account for my future medical only.

So we have an idea what we need to do, we just need to know where we go to do it and if what we find will give me the relief I need, or should I say “What we need?” I say we because as most of you know ones disability does not only effect the caree but the caree’s family and the caregiver them self. With that thought, here’s wishing you all a great day.

Richard K.

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