Here we are again.

Here we are again at Travis AFB, David Grant Medical Center in Fairfield, Ca. Now, What if this procedure does not work which is where with mom where she is going in for a Direct Current Cardioversion, which is where they will “shock” her heart
3-4 times to try and get her heart back to a normal heart rate of 60-75 beats per minute (BPM). Currently mom’s heart is in Atrilfribulation or it’s running at 100 + BPM and her heart is running at 110-125 for the past 2.5 months. Imagine running a marathon that was 75 days long, her hearts doing it while she’s standing still.

Here mom is the day before her procedure. I decided to treat her her a Mani, Pedi and Hair Cut.


Here is what mom (and us) are dealing with is, “What if this procedure does not work?” What are the options then? Here are her options,

1) The surgeons can separate the chambers of the heart from communicating with each other and her heart will be controlled by the Pace Maker 100% of the time.

2) Stay on medications and have to come back in every time this happens and repeat the procedure at top of this post. Which is very hard on someone’s heart and it also breaks down the heart every time it happens.

Please keep he in your mind and heart for us. More to come as her surgery proceeds.

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