The “Big Six” Heart Damaging Issues, 12/23/14

     The information listed below comes from time spent with my mom’s cardiologist department to include, Dr. Pratt, Dr. McGregor, NP Birch and many others over the years.  These are not the only issues that can cause heart issues but they are the top runners in the field.

The “Big Six” Heart Damaging Issues

  1. High Blood Pressure

  2. Smoking

  3. Abnormal Cholesterol

  4. Lack of Exercise

  5. Excess Weight

  6. Unmanaged Stress

The Best Six Way to Correct Them

  1. Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure (Aim for a level below 120/80)

  2. Quit Smoking (This can reduce your chances of Coronary disease by 50%-60% within 5 years)

  3. Control Your Cholesterol

  4. Keep Exercising (30 min of moderate exercise is all it takes)

  5. Lose Excess Weight (Leader to major heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and more)

  6. Manage Stress

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When to Call 911

(If any of these last over 2 minutes, Call 911)

  • Upper Abdominal Discomfort – such as heartburn, severe indigestion, nausea.

  • Feeling running from the middle of your chest and up into the jaw, neck, shoulder, arm or back.

  • Dizziness, shortness of breath, major fatigue or sweating.

  • Pressure and/or burning across chest, deep beneath  breastbone. No chest pain can occur in mainly women about 1/3 the time and in people with diabetes.

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Weight Loss Tip: That can help keep you from needing to call

If you cut just 500 calories from your daily food intake you can lose up to 1 pound a week.


As with every fitness plan, before making any changes to your diet or exercise consult your health care provider.


Richard K.

AUTHORS BIO:    Richard is a trifecta caregiver, along with his wife he cares for himself, with Chronic Back Pain which he’s had for 21 years.  He cares for his brother in-law, Robert who has dealt with Epilepsy his entire life   now lives with Richard and his wife.  He also advocates for his mother who has various cardiac related issues, severe hearing loss and other medical issues.  You can read about his experiences with chronic pain and how he deals with his mothers and brother in-law’s issues on or at  He is also involved in several of’s support groups and chat rooms, he is co-host of an internet based radio show about caregiving. Richard is also a patient adviser, board member for which is working to improve the intake process at medical facilities.  Richard has three adult children who despite them having to deal with his medical issues growing up, he says, “They turned out better than I’d hoped for.” IMG_0230

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