The Hospital Stay Communications Via Text Messaging, 12/18/14

TUESDAY, 12/16/14
Mom’s home health nurse stopped in and noticed mom’s heart rate was 128-135ish which is super high. He called Travis and spoke to Dees who said to get her to Travis “stat.” (Not sure if she actually said stat but how often does the opportunity present itself to use that term?). Anyway, RK is taking Carol to Travis now. She will most likely be admitted. Updates to follow as they become available.

Here’s moms HR, they even brought in a new EKG machine, thought the 1st was broke. Mom is being admitted. She’s seeing a new cardiologist tomorrow (Travis has hired someone like the concord doctor who did surgery on your mom). He/she will assess carol/mom tomorrow to see what’s going on. She’s in 3C, Bed 2 (Window). Rk will send phone number when he has it. His phone does has died but if you need to talk to him I’ll send his work number in a sec.

WEDNESDAY, 12/17/14
OKAY, they’ve decided to do a stress test “AGAIN” and see how that affects her HR as in going into AF or Tach. Putting her on Digoxin which will help lower HR to a better level. They are also saying this will happen to her with that spot in the lower chamber which the doc in Concord couldn’t locate. Still looking at going home today.

That’s all I have.

GOOD NEWS (10:33am):
Update – She is going home today only issue is discharge will not be until after 2pm. Trish, can you grab Robert?

MARK POSTED: “Future schedule?”

Tentative Future Schedule –
12/18 F/U NP Dietz at
12/22 F/U with this
12/22 F/U with Dr.
Travis, McClellan on everything.
12/23 Ultrasound, Throat at Travis.

Here’s an update:
Diagnosis: Having numerous Atrilfibulations, most brought on by any activity. As well as numerous Tachycardia. Jumping between normal rhythm and these two.

Step 1: Try controlling HR with Digoxin or other medication. Not many other Meds to try.

Step 2: ABLASION (Try and find that node, Concord doctor could not locate.

Step 3: SNAP SHOT (Paddling)

Step 4: AV NODE ABLASION – Disconnect
the communication between the upper and lower heart chambers to
which the Pacemaker would take total control of her heart.

“The ultrasound is because of the big growth she was getting in ManorCare. Their just following up and making sure it not closing off her airway and such”

Just took her on a walk to see what would happen. Started with;

Blood Ox 98 (sitting)
50′-60′ later 92
40′ more 83
turned around
20′ 77

Turned oxy on to 2 gph
30′ later 89
40′ at bed 97

CRAP NEWS (4:44pm):
Just informed she is not going home today and unsure if she’ll be going home tomorrow. So, I’m OUT OF HERE.

THURSDAY (12/18/14):
Well, mom says that the doc was in early and that their are sending her home today. Their doing another EKG on her right now so we’ll see with these results and what not as to what happens.

Nurse says she is going on oxygen because of her results walking yesterday. Still have not heard “discharge” from the doctor yet.

UPDATE 11:02am:
Doctor was just in, they are sending her home today w/ oxygen. Only other new item is the Digoxin med to lower her heart rate to a safe level.
Suggesting she take he BP, Pulse, Blood Oxy, Coumadin, etc. levels daily (Trish we need a spread sheet when you can).

FYI: Major McGregor is her new Cardiologist and we have a follow up apts:

Major McGregor
Mon (12/22, time pend)
Follow Up apt.

Tue (12/23, 1:00pm)
Ultrasound on Throat

Captain David,McClellan
Thurs (1/1/15, 8:00am)
Primary Checkup

NP Birch
Tue (1/7/15, 8:30am)
Cardiac Check In

Tue (1/7/15, 1:30pm)
Pace Maker Check Up

** NOTE **
Also in there twice a week she will have the in-home nurse and in-home physical therapy stopping in for their follow ups with her.

** I left off 10-15 of the personal comments or one liners for your benefit and ours.

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