Wednesday’s “Walk To End Alzheimer’s” Update 9/10/14

Wednesday’s “Walk To End Alzheimer’s” Update


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     This is my first of eight, “Wednesday Walk Updates,” which will cover my progress in getting ready for the November 1, 2014, 5K Run/Walk to help beat Alzheimer’s.  My plan is to start exercising and walking to build up to the 5K (3 mile) distance by using the following plan or a variation of,

Weeks One and Two:     1.5 miles, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Weeks Three and Four:  2 miles, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and once on the weekend

Weeks Five and Six:       2.5 miles, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Week Seven:                  2.5 miles, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and once on the weekend

Week Eight:                    3 miles, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Week Nine: (11/1)         Huntington Beach, Ca. Walk To End Alzheimer’s

This may not sound like a long distance to you, so let me explain.   In May of 1993, I was rear ended by a drunk driver causing me severe Chronic Low Back Pain and over time it has become disabling.  The pain can get to the point of being unbearable with the slightest of exercises or even just sitting or walking short distances.  I will say that I may not be able to complete the walk in one stretch, but with breaks during it, I will finish.  Why would I put myself through this if I know what it’s going to be like?  There are several reasons with one being to support a good friend of ours who has recently been diagnosed with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and his family.  Another reason is that I know one day someone will step up and complete a walk or they will donate to fight against a rarely seen, usually invisible condition, Chronic Pain all because they know someone with the illness.  Finally, that someone, who doesn’t know anyone with this illness will be walking just to help.  This is my way of helping and if I have 1-2 days of increased pain, it’s worth it to possibly help find a cure.


If you would like to donate or support my walk, please cut and paste one of the following links, please put down my name or search for me (Richard Kreis) Richard with ICare Shirt II, 06242014

My Personal Walk Page:

Donation Form:

Electronic Donation:


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and offer your amazing comments.  If there is anything you would like to know about Chronic Pain, please let me know and I will answer it for you or at least do my best to find an answer to it.


Thank you,

Richard Kreis





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